KATANA Zirconia HTML Disc
Achieving the Strongest AND ESTHETIC restoration

Dentin-like frameworks from zirconia? Yes!

With KATANA Zirconia HTML light reflects its natural opacity. A veneering ceramic on top makes the most natural result. This zirconia also comes with natural color gradient. So the next time you plan to hide your framework, think about using KATANA Zirconia HTML, as a dentin-like base. HTML is suitable for full-contour crowns and bridges.

The KATANA Zirconia HT disc is a high-translucent disc, which can be used ideally for highly individualized restorations. It’s high esthetic translucency ful­lls all esthetic demands. The low monoclinic transformation ensures outstanding durability to low temperature degradation. Noritake Zirconia material has superior esthetic translucency. This is a big advantage to get a perfect result not only in Porcelain-Fused-Zirconia, but also Full-Contour-Zirconia solutions.

KATANA™ Zirconia HTML/HT has the highest mechanical strength among the series.

1 Measurement Conditions: Evaluated by raw material (white color) according to ISO 6872 : 2008 | A ratio of the distance: 30mm | Sample size: 3x4x40mm
Source: Kuraray Noritake Dental, Inc. | The numerical value varies according to a condition.

Flexural Strength (Three-point bending test)

Minimum Wall Thickness of KATANA Zirconia UTML/STML

Design a restoration using the suggested guidelines for minimum wall thickness.

* Thickness only for zirconia without porcelain build-up.

HTML/HT Color Guide/Choices

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