Why are PANAVIA Cements the best companion to KATANA Zirconia?

MDP Monomer for Exceptional Adhesion to Zirconia

PANAVIA Cements Shear Bond Strength to KATANA Zirconia

Designed for ease of use with Zirconia

MDP Monomer LogoZirconia is a non-silica-based ceramic which will not respond to a traditional pretreatment method such as, hydrofluoric acid-etching of the internal surface. Micro-mechanical retention achieved through sandblasting and chemical bonding through adhesion (ex. MDP) are key factors for successful zirconia bonding.

PANAVIA™ V5 and PANAVIA™ SA Cement Plus, which both include the MDP adhesive monomer, have high bond strength and durability to zirconia.

Designed for all indications including Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate (including e.max)

Since 1983, with the introduction of PANAVIA EX resin cement and the original MDP monomer, Kuraray has provided innovative and exceptional technologies that have improved the quality of adhesive dentistry and influenced the dental industry.

Exceptional Bond Strengths

Based on Research gathered over 15 years:

“…regardless of the conditioning methods, MDP-monomer based cements presented the most favorable bond values compared to those of other resin cements.”

Systematic Review of Adhesion Studies on Zirconia

M. Özcan, J Dent Res Vol# 90 A: 374, 2011 www.iadr.org

MDP Monomer Molecular Structure

One Simple & Esthetic Cement
For All Your Needs

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