KATANA™ Zirconia YML

Explore New Possibilities with KATANA™ Zirconia

KATANA™ Zirconia YML is a new definition of zirconia in dentistry. This product is characterized by a unique raw material combination of highly translucent zirconia with high strength, which are integrated together by an advanced manufacturing technology. 


KATANA™ Zirconia YML is the latest KATANA™ multi layered disc with a well-balanced combination of color / translucency and flexural strength gradation. Thanks to Kuraray Noritake Dental’s proprietary multi-layered technology, this latest development has been realized by matching three raw materials with different yttria contents.

These layers are perfectly harmonized to each other due to the fact that all fundamental production steps, including purification, refining of the zirconia raw material and the addition of essential components such as yttria, are all processed in-house by Kuraray Noritake Dental. Combined with a proprietary zirconia pressing technique as well as our refined pre-sintering process, the new KATANA™ Zirconia YML adapts harmoniously to the KATANA™ family.

As an “All-IN-ONE Solution”, KATANA™ Zirconia YML offers exceptional design flexibility from long-span full-arch monolithic bridge restorations up to highly esthetic anterior monolithic crown restorations. 

High-Speed Sintering up to 3-unit Bridge

Outstanding quality paired with velocity is an absolute unique feature of KATANA™ Zirconia over all competitive products. The unique pressing and pre-sintering technique is the key to allow our customers to realize restorations of up to 3-unit bridges without any compromise in terms of esthetics or mechanical properties using the 90-minute high-speed sintering process.

*The material is removed from the furnace at 800°C. A furnace with a configurable YML firing program is required.


KATANA™ Zirconia YML displays superior optical properties after 90-minute sintering when compared to discs of major competitors after 90-minute sintering.*

*This sintering program is not recommended by other competitor’s zirconia discs.


Versatility of Application Range

Exceptional design flexibility is offered – from veneers up to full-arch restorations. 
In each case, you may choose a monolithic, cut-back or framework design with the appropriate fabrication procedure depending on individual needs.

Natural Color and Translucency

KATANA™ Zirconia YML was developed based on the concept of being “lifelike”, that accurately and naturally expresses the color and translucency of natural teeth.


Controlled Firing Deformation

KATANA™ Zirconia YML, which contains different composition layers, achieves high precision shrinkage and stable CTE values by controlling the whole process from refining to molding. Additionally, an extensive quality control, i.e. optimizing all the process steps combined with the unique in-house developed raw materials deliver our best KATANA™ material of all times.


Kuraray Noritake Dental distinguishes itself by its unique in-house production of zirconia raw materials. Many years of expertise in manufacturing the company’s own powder have brought the material quality of KATANA™ to new dimensions, not only by controlling the degree of purity and particle sizes, but also by creating an optimal balance of binders, color pigments, stabilizers, and other ingredients. In this way Kuraray Noritake Dental guarantees its customers a material they can always rely on. 

“We control every detail.”
Revolutionary All-In-One disc design
Based on KATANA™ Zirconia YML A3 with CERABIEN™ ZR FC Paste Stain
Courtesy of DT Marco Stoppaccioli – L’Aquila



High-speed sintering (54 minutes) offers completely new possibilities. Waiting time is reduced to a minimum. For re-make and rush cases, it is now possible to finish the work easily within one day. In addition, the minimized over-night-sintering cycles enable shorter delivery time to increase your business efficiency.


Due to the high translucency and high strength combined within one disc, the entire indication spectrum can be covered. This minimizes your inventory of different zirconia discs.


A seamless multI layered technology eliminates visible transition lines, emphasizing natural color and translucency, that ensures a simplified, time-saving procedure.


Improving the fitting accuracy of restorations after the final sintering process reduces risk of remanufacturing, which is definitely one added benefit for dental labs. No waste of time and materials.

Making the most of KATANA™ YML's features

Advanced properties of high translucency and high strength deliver excellent characteristics.

Reduction Capability for Thinner Restorations

Comparison with high translucency zirconia.

KATANA™ Zirconia YML and STML are shown here with body layer thickness adjusted to 0.4*mm for YML, and 0.8*mm for STML.
The body layer of YML can be adjusted thinner than that of high translucency zirconia, increasing its translucency even more.

* This is the minimum thickness recommended by the manufacturer.
* Test condition: All light transmittance, Illuminant: D65, Thickness of YML (Body3): 0.4mm, STML (Body3): 0.8mm
Marginal Stability and Enhanced Fitting Accuracy

KATANA™ Zirconia YML shows sharp margins and less chipping, thereby leading to better marginal fit. Thinner restorations show that this good result in sharp margin supports the use of KATANA™ Zirconia YML.

Even if the restoration margins have been milled to a very thin profile, they still show smooth margins without any chipping.

• Before using this product, be sure to read the Instructions for Use supplied with the product. • The specifications and appearance of the product are subject to change without notice. • Printed color can be slightly different from actual color. • Read the IFU (Instructions For Use) before the procedure.

“KATANA” and “CERABIEN” are trademarks of NORITAKE CO., LIMITED.
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