Well-balanced Translucency and Strength

Do full contour zirconia prosthetics look natural? Yes!
With KATANA™ Zirconia STML light is transmitted in the incisal area and blocked in the cervical area. You have the flexibility to make beautiful full contour prosthetics, regardless of the abutment color. It’s a pioneer of zirconia with a color/natural translucency and color gradient. Use KATANA™ Zirconia STML for your next full contour prosthetics. The results will be so lifelike, you’ll be eager to fabricate more.

Comparible Transparency STML Highlight
Stronger than e.max - STML Highlight

Minimum Wall Thickness of KATANA™ Zirconia UTML/STML

Design a restoration using the suggested guidelines for minimum wall thickness.

* Thickness only for zirconia without porcelain build-up. Keep 0.8mm in case of porcelain build-up. You can reduce to 0.4mm when finishing with glaze and polish.

Color and translucency of the layers after sintering

STML Color Guide/Choices

STML Color guide
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